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The project e-xiliad@s has been realized thanks to the funding granted by the Ministry of Labour and Inmigration and Ministry of Employment and Social Security through the Dirección General de Migraciones, within the Programme of Communication, Order TAS/874/2007 of 28th March (BOE Nº 62 - 13th March 2009 and BOE Nº 163 - 9th July 2011).



University of Barcelona’s (UB) Republic Pavilion Library provided most of the photos published within the section “Portrait of the exile: photo gallery” of this website. They represent a valuable graphic contribution to get to know the exile and its circumstances.

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The on-line archive IONEROBINSON.ORG provided an important collection of photographs taken by the American artist Ione Robinson (1910-1989), who portrayed and photographed the republican exiles.


The Red de Estudios y Difusión del Exilio Republicano (REDER), sponsor of an important forum about exile, has given direct access to it through the "Identirary zone: forum" of this site.


Alicia Alted Vigil, Associate Professor at the Department of Contemporary History at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED, Madrid), provided the article published on section Them: profiles of the exiles.

Antonieta Jarne Módol, Associate Professor at the Department of Contemporary History at the Universitat de Lleida (UdL), provided the article published on section Them: profiles of the exiles.

Mauro Vitullo, a graduate in history from the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina, has collaborated with the project for the period 2011 making interviews to the exiles and members of their families.


The project originates from an idea of the historian Lidia Bocanegra Barbecho and is the product of the experience she acquired both during her PhD researches and in the field of online socio-historical investigation through the website Guerra Civil española y exilio republicano

Web design and contents were both realized by PhD. Bocanegra, aiming to combine her academic training with the recently achieved notions on the development of internet from a post-doctoral point of view, in which historical knowledge is closely bound to its own diffusion through the Net.

As a scholar in American studies, notably Argentinean, L. Bocanegra and has also earned a remarkable experience in the field of online publication of different topics related to the Spanish War of 1936-39, the exile in Argentina, the International Brigades and so on. In the past, she illustrated her work on internationally renowned scientific and academic review as well as on the aforementioned website Guerra Civil española y exilio republicano. Her principal aim is to advocate internet as one of the most effective means in terms of free offer of reliable data.

For further information on PhD. L. Bocanegra, please consult her CV online at the following link: Lidia Bocanegra CV.

The interactive map and the CMS (Content Management System) were both created by Maurizio Toscano, specialist in computer processing of research data in humanities and gender projects. For further information on Maurizio Toscano, please consult his CV online at the following link: Maurizio Toscano CV.

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