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Diarios de viaje


The journey into exile was for many an odyssey full of danger during and after crossed the border. An experience that adults and children, some of them, left represented in a travelogue. 

Collecting such kind of documentation allow us to understand how was the daily life of that journey into exile. Little details like the weather, the means of travel, landscapes and adventure companions are recorded in these documents.

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Nicolás Rubió | Travelogue of an exiled child 
Diario de viaje: Nicolás RubióWritten in 1938 by Nicholas when he was 8 years old, offers a detailed description of the journey and their stay in a small French village. Describes the journey through Barcelona, Port Bou, Cerbère, Cèret, Corsavy, etc., reaching Auvergene. Includes hand drawings and postcards of the time that they complete that journey seen and experienced through the eyes of a child, son of Santiago Rubió Tuduri.







Manuel Hibernón Travesí | Travelogue of Argentina 
Diario de viaje: Manuel Hibernón TravesíIn 1951, during the Cold War, Manuel Hibernón decides to exile to Argentina from France with his family. Aboard The Florida wrote his travel diary recounting briefly events and the weather of the day. Details such as the inability to descend the ship in some ports or the death of a person on board are examples. Also described how they had fun during this long journey.